Providing the revolutionary benefits of Mini implants

Our focus is to provide you with the revolutionary benefits of mini dental implant dentistry. This unique approach to modern dentistry offers new opportunities for individuals who have lost one or more teeth. Even for those who have lost all of their teeth, mini implants offer a second chance at teeth that look, feel, and function more like the teeth they were born with!

The mini implant advantage

Half the Size

Mini Implants are about half the size of traditional implant, and therefore don’t require as much bone structure. With less bone needed, costly, painful and time-consuming bone grafts that are usually necessary with traditional implants are not usually needed for minis.

Less Healing Time & Fewer Office Visits

Because mini implants are much smaller, placing them is a less invasive procedure requiring less healing time and discomfort, and fewer visits to the dentist’s office

No More Decay

Implants are made out of titanium the same type of material that is used on artificial joints, and they are not subject to decay and periodontal disease

Preserves Bone Structure

Implants preserve your nat aintain the shape of your face and avoid continued bone loss where teeth are missing.

All-on-4® treatment concept – best in class

Teeth can be lost for a number of reasons. Disease, trauma, and decay all contribute to the loss of teeth over the course of our lives, and it’s normal to lack self confidence when your smile doesn’t look its best.
Dentures will not be satisfying for most, and traditional implant techniques often fall short of expectations. Doctor Leonard Umanoff offers All on 4™ dental implants so that patients can experience beautiful new teeth of their own in just one day.

A Total Smile Solution

For patients who have lost all or most of their teeth, the All on 4™ technique performed by Dr. Umanoff is a total solution that replaces all the teeth in a single day of implant surgery. Although it is a dental implant procedure, its results far surpass that of traditional implant techniques.

Benefits of the All on 4™ technique for dental implantation:

  • Beautiful new teeth in a day, natural look and feel to implants
  • Addresses both hard and soft tissue problems with gingival replacements
  • Improves speech problems caused by missing teeth
  • Improves chewing function
  • Typically requires no bone grafting, unlike traditional dental implants
  • Shorter recovery times than traditional dental implants

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Dr.Umanoff can restore your teeth using 21st century new technology CEREC CAD software.

What are dental crowns?

A crown is a tooth-shaped “cap” that is placed over a tooth to restore its shape and size, strength, and improve its appearance.
We now have the ability to make crowns in one visit using CEREC CAD/CAM technology. CEREC crowns are made from beautiful and durable ceramic. The ceramic comes in a wide variety of shades, and we can customize the color of your crown to deliver the most life-like appearance.