Crown PFM Gold

A Crown, PFM gold, is porcelain that is fused to metal. This is a popular crown when you are in Brooklyn. Many patients come from Sheepshead Bay and Graveshead to visit Dr. Umanoff for this type of crown. It can be color matched to provide a great appearance.

The Benefits to a Crown in PFM Gold
A crown in PFM gold allows it to look like all of the other teeth. It is commonly used on the front and back teeth. It is an affordable option because it is not made entirely from metal. The porcelain can be made to look like the other teeth so most people would never know that you have a crown on your tooth, which is the whole idea.

Schedule an Appointment
When you’re ready to discuss a crown in PFM gold, call Dr. Umanoff to schedule an appointment. You can learn whether this is the best kind of crown based upon where it is to be located in your mouth.