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Dr. Umanoff is committed to use the latest treatments and techniques available for your individual case. Our technology allows us to diagnose, plan and  ensure your customized procedure from start to finish. By using the most innovative machines and equipment on the market today, you can be assured that you are receiving the best possible level of professional care and treatment.


Orthophos SL

The Sirona Orthophos SL 3D imaging system is a technological marvel giving us the ability to reconstruct your full mouth in both panoramic 2D and 360 degree 3D x-rays. This makes seeing your tooth digitally reconstructed from all angles possible and we can know the exact location of a problem.


  • Allows as to virtually plan treatment which leads to effective and predictive results .


  • Works in conjunction with our 3D printer to create surgical guides and models



Sidexis, Treatment planning Software

  • Sidexis is the award winning imaging software that works in conjunction with our Orthophos X-Ray machine. It efficiently structures our workflow in its modern and intuitive design and serves as a basis for further planning and diagnosis.

  • From dental scanning and planning, to drilling and implant placement, the software offers us a comprehensive 3D system for accurate and predictable implant treatment.

  • Blue Sky Plan is an advanced treatment planning software for computer guided surgery. Dr. Umanoff uses this software to 3D print surgical guides and models to replicate virtual plans.  

CEREC Single Visit Crowns

CEREC Single visit crowns are the ultimate in digital dentistry today. Perfect for emergency visits and same day restoration, your crown can be measured, planned, milled from a block of appropriate material and fitted the very same day. Now you don't have to wait weeks between appointments and have your broken or damaged crown replaced within hours. Dr. Umanoff has been using CEREC for almost a decade and is recognized as a Master CEREC technician.


Osseodensification Burs

Versah® Oseeodensification Burs are a revolutionary way to drill into the jaw bone for implant insertion. These drills and burs are extremely unique in that they rotate the opposite way of a traditional bur. Instead of excavating bone, the burs densify and compact the bone. This option is perfect for those patients whose jaw ridge is not sufficient enough or too narrow. Dr. Umanoff uses these burs as a minimally evasive way to create an optimal site for implants.

FormLabs Form 2 3D Printer

The newest in 3D printing technology, the Form 2 creates strong, detailed dental models with a stunning surface finish. It is the most reliable and advanced printer created with a compact desktop design. Now we can print models of crowns and bridges, surgical implant guides, retainers and diagnostic models for our patients. This greatly expedites the process and since everything is done in house, quality control is strictly monitored. 

inLab MC X5

The inLab MC X5 is capable of producing almost ALL outsourced lab work including all kinds of crowns (temp and regular), dentures, bridges, metal try-ins, custom and prefabricated implant abutments, etc. Capable of producing 6 crowns at once, this helps to expedite the process and eliminate long wait time for YOU! This unit can perform wet or dry and mill a various amount of materials including high strength glass, zirconia and ceramic.


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